History and Base Bloodlines






How it started


Norbert Ally started with pigeon racing in 1984. He knew that success in pigeon racing could only be achieved by racing with talented pigeons. He did not have to go far to search for them. Gaby Vandenabeele and Gilbert Van Parijs belonged to the Belgian top racers and live only a few kilometers away… So the first pigeons were bought there. When Van Parijs in the mid 80’s became the loft manager of the top colony Norman N & F (Westkapelle), some pigeons, direct out of the best Norman breeders, came to the loft of Norbert Ally as well.











The 90 ‘s


More direct input from the loft Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem)


In the late 80’s, early 90’s Norbert Ally reinforced his loft every year with pigeons directly from the loft of maestro Gaby Vandenabeele. Direct children of ‘Kleinen’, ‘Wittenbuik’, ‘Playboy’, ‘Pipo’, ‘Genaaide’, ‘Limoges’, ‘Turbo’, ‘Ronker’, ‘Kolonel’ were put on the breeding loft.



'Steffie' is mother to the topracers and topbreeders: 'Federer' (674/04), 'Boris' (778/04), 'Rafaël' (818/05),… .




(bred together withBliksemVandenabeele).






 in combination with the last daughter of Ally’s stock pair I: ‘moeder Steffie’ (466/02). She is in fact very closly related to “Schumi”. Many Children of the golden pair ‘Andre’ x ‘Steffie’ were absolute top winners on heavy middle distance and 1-day national long distance races: ‘Federer’ (674/04), ‘Boris’ (778/04), ‘Rafaël’ (818/05), ‘Anastasia’ (703/05), …




Other successful input



De ‘Crack Chateauroux’ is also, in combination with mother ‘Brave’, father to ‘schoon Willequetje’ (591/00). She is mother to one of the very best Ally-racing pigeons: the ‘super 114’ (114/06).










The last decade


Additional direct input from the loft Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem)










The ‘Ronaldo’ (085/98)











Input from the loft N&F Norman (Westkapelle)





·         ‘Daughter Nicolas’ (502/08). Is mother to Jonge Ronaldo’ (085/09) and also (in pairing with 'Federer) to the topracers 'Andy' (538/10) and 'Federer Talent' (864/11).


Input from the Ace Pigeon Loft of Erik Limbourg (Brussegem)


The ‘son Blue Ace’ of Erik Limbourg (314/08) has developed in very little time the status as ‘one of the most dominant breeders of the actual loft’. In pairing with at least five different hens he became father of very good racing cocks. The Libourne’ (553/10) won the 2° Nat. Libourne on 8269 birds in very hard weather conditions. In the same year (2011) he won topprices from the races of ‘Narbonne’ and ‘Chateauroux’. So he became 6° prov ace pigeon KBDB yearlings 2011. Mother to ‘Libourne’ is a direct daughter to ‘Geronimo’,  the most important pigeon of the loft Houfflijn P & D.



Other successful input.













During 25 years of pigeon racing

and an intensive selection and breeding process based on world-famous stock pigeons,

Dr. Ally has built up a brilliant racing loft, rewarded with many top prices and the title “Overall Belgian Champion 2010”.









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